Writings from the Philokalia on prayer of the heart by various

By various

E. Kadloubovsky (Translator), G. E.H. Palmer (Translator)

The Philokalia is a vital number of writings by means of Fathers of the japanese Church relationship from the fourth to the fourteenth century. It exists in 3 types: the Greek, complied within the eighteenth century; the Slavonic; and the Russian.

The Russian textual content, translated by means of Bishop Theophan the Recluse within the 19th century, and including 5 volumes (with which a 6th is typically associated), is the main whole of all 3 models. it's the Russian textual content that has been utilized in translating into English this feature, which provides a variety of Philokalia writings about the Jesus Prayer.

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God is known and understood in everything in three hypostases. He holds all things and provides for all things through His Son in the Holy Spirit; and no one of Them, wherever He is invoked, is named or thought of as existing apart or separately from the two others. 31. Just in the same way, man has mind, word and spirit; and the mind cannot be without the word, nor the word without the spirit, but the three are always in one another, yet exist in themselves. The mind speaks by means of words, and the word is manifested through the spirit.

14· When the passions are in action, some thoughts take the lead, others follow after. Those that take the lead are dreaming thoughts (succession of images), and those that follow are passionate thoughts (incited by those images). Passions precede the demons, and the demons follow after passions. 1 S· The origin and cause of passions is misuse; of misuseinclination; of inclination-the movement of habitual desire. To experience a desire is suggestion, and suggestion comes from the demons whom Providence allows to show up what our selfwill is like.

GREGORY OF SINAI forcing of thoughts by the spirit towards the most excellent, which deprives a man of the sense {or the consciousness) of outer relationships. 6o. The origin and cause of thoughts lies in the splitting up, by man's transgression, of his single and simple memory, which has thus lost the memory of God and, becoming multiple instead of simple, and varied instead of single, has fallen a prey to its own forces. 61 • To cure this original memory of the deceitful and harmful memory of thoughts means to bring it back to its ancient simplicity.

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