Earth Science the Physical Setting by Thomas McGuire

By Thomas McGuire

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3 g (4) 193 g 12. Pumice is an unusual rock because it can float on water. What does this tell you about pumice? (1) (2) (3) (4) Pumice Pumice Pumice Pumice is usually found in very small pieces. is most common in high mountain locations. is less dense than water. absorbs water. 13. 7 g/cm3. If a large sample of granite is cut in half, what will be the density of each of the pieces? 4 g/cm3 (4) 27 g/cm3 14. If two leading scientists are investigating the same question and they reach similar conclusions, what does this show?

In which zone of the atmosphere is the concentration of ozone the greatest? 19. On what basis, has Earth’s atmosphere been divided into its four layers? 20. What is the relationship between the density of Earth’s layers the position of each layer? Chapter 3 Models and Maps WHAT IS A MODEL? A model is anything that is used to represent something else. A photograph helps you remember your loved ones when they cannot be near. A photograph is an example of a physical model. There are also mathematical models.

3) 5 hours. (4) 12 hours. 7. Earth’s troposphere, hydrosphere, and lithosphere contain relatively large amounts of which element? (1) iron (2) oxygen (3) hydrogen (4) potassium 8. Ozone is concentrated in Earth’s atmosphere at an altitude of 20 to 35 km. Which atmospheric layer contains the greatest concentration of ozone? (1) mesosphere (2) thermosphere (3) troposphere (4) stratosphere CHAPTER REVIEW QUESTIONS 53 9. At which location will Polaris be observed at the highest altitude? (1) equator (2) Florida (3) central New York State (4) Arctic Circle 10.

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