Dancing in the Dark: A Sister Grieves by Elsie K. Neufeld

By Elsie K. Neufeld

Paperback via Elsie okay. Neufeld. On behalf of herself and all mourners, Elsie okay. Neufeld recalls her brother, stocks her tears, strives to forgive, and asks the place within the darkness God dances.

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Sometimes I wish at least they'd ask.

So very, very much. I hope you know that. Always remember that. You were so special. " "They will, they will," my mother said behind me. "I wish you didn't have to die. I would have died for you, you know. " "He wouldn't have wanted that, Elsie, you know that. Your children need you," my mother said. "You were a great guy, John. I'm going to miss you so much. I love you. " I stood for a long time, stroking the dark, smooth wood of his expensive coffin above his precious head. Then I finally turned away.

In the bottom corner of the photo, my father places a sticker. " The room is mostly silent, the only sounds an occasional sniffle, cough, or whisper. Then suddenly, there is a wailing. " My oldest brother's grief surfaces. His wife leans over, holds him tight and rocks him, crying too. "I know, I know," she says. I look at them in disbelief, imprisoned by my own grief. I cannot go to him as others do, surrounding him, comforting him. I wince as I look again at the coffin. This cannot, cannot be.

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