Dance of the Dialectic: Steps In Marx's Method by Bertell Ollman

By Bertell Ollman

Bertell Ollman has been hailed as 'America's top authority on dialectics and Marx's method' by way of Paul Sweezy, the editor of "Monthly Review" and dean of America's Marx students. during this e-book, Ollman deals a radical research of Marx's use of dialectical strategy. Marx made tremendous inventive use of dialectical option to research the origins, operation, and course of capitalism. regrettably, his promised ebook on approach used to be by no means written, in order that readers wishing to appreciate and evaluation Marx's theories, or to revise or use them, have needed to continue with no transparent take hold of of the dialectic within which the theories are framed. the end result has been extra war of words over 'what Marx particularly meant' than over the writings of the other significant philosopher. In placing Marx's philosophy of inner family members and his use of the method of abstraction - little-studied points of dialectics - on the centre of this account, Ollman presents a model of Marx's approach that's instantaneously systematic, scholarly, transparent and eminently beneficial. Ollman not just sheds very important new mild on what Marx rather intended in his diverse theoretical pronouncements, yet in rigorously laying out the stairs in Marx's approach allows for a reader to place the dialectic to paintings in his or her personal learn. He additionally convincingly argues the case for why social scientists and humanists in addition to philosophers probably want to achieve this.

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Thus the central features, or core relations, of any of if ! thinkers who subscribe to a philosophy of internal relations, such as Hegel, give this whole, which necessarily contains elements of which they are ignorant, a central role to play in their system. Others, like Marx, do not. For all of them, CHAPTER 5 Putting Dialectics to Work: The Process of Abstraction in Marx's Method The Problem: How to Think Adequately about Change and Interaction · , Is there any part of Marxism that has received more abuse than his dialectical method?

Bradley and Alfred North Whitehead (to mention only the major figures) to continue wresding with the problems posed by this relational conception, See, for example, Bradley's Appearance and Reality (1920, 25- 1 34 and 572-85). where there is a particularly good discussion of the concept "relation," Though burdened with a cumbersome jargon, Whitehead's is (along with Levy's book) the most noteworthy attempt to work out a relational view of physical nature. 9). I4-the proc�&Qi�bstraction. Before probing furi"hermto'Nfarxsuse ofthe latter, a brief survey of some of the ma­ jor criticisms that have been leveled against the philosophy of internal relatioos should prove very useful.

Specific features of thmgs disappea r behind their more general forms. It is in this way that labor, commodities, value, money, capital, profit, rent, interest, and wage-labor are likely to be misconstrued from the start. Marx labels these ob­ jective results of capitalist functioning "real abstractions," and it is chiefly real abstractions that incline the people who have contact with them to construct ideological abstractions. It is also real abstractions to which he is referring when he say s that in capitalist society "people are governed by abstract ions" (1973, 164).

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