CSIR-net Life Science by B.L. Chaudhary

By B.L. Chaudhary

The subject material is updated and offers an perception of the topic intimately. After dealing with the manuscript, the readers could be able with an entire power to get good fortune within the lifestyles sciences part. every one bankruptcy is supplemented with perform attempt papers. 8 chapters containing 10 version attempt papers is integrated to provide education to the scholars of this steam. version try out papers contain questions about arithmetic, machine technology, Geography, Physics, Chemistry and lifestyles Sciences which shape the curriculum of Part-A of Paper-I. bankruptcy nine is particularly designed to offer reminiscence dependent lifestyles technology query papers of previous few years. solution keys for perform try papers, version attempt papers and former 12 months web try out papers also are supplied. this is often the 1st try in India to supply all crucial components in one name to get yes good fortune for internet exam carried out by means of CSIR-UGC in India.

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Genetic continuity is due to duplication of DNA in cell division that occurs in S-phase. Cell Biology 21 6. Mitotic poisons are inhibitors of cell divisions. Azides and cyanides inhibit prophase; colchicines checks spindle formation; chalones inhibit cell division in vivo and in vitro both; ribonuclease blocks prophase; heat shocks prevent cell division and Mustard gas agglutinate all chromosomes. 7. Animal cytokinesis is centripetal and plant cytokinesis is centrifugal. 8. In fungi, spindle is formed inside nucleus (intranuclear division); nuclear membrane remains intact; nucleus divides by furrow (karyochoriosis).

5. Depends on the direct action of various types of T-lymphocytes rather than antibodies. 6. T-lymphocytes differentiate into 4 different varieties of T-cells. • Helper/inducer T-cells (Links Cell meduated and Humoral Immunity) • Suppressor T cells (Suppresses the immune response when antigens are disposed off) • Cytotoxic T cells or killer cells (Effector cells of cell mediated immunity) • Memory T-cells. 7. “Memory B and T cells” are cells that have been exposed to an antigen and are readily converted to “Effector cells” by a later encounter with the same antigen.

A) 3 (b) 22 (c) 24 (d) 47 55. Disorders involving unusual numbers of sex chromosomes show that maleness is caused by the (a) presence of an X chromosome. (b) presence of a Y chromosome. (c) absence of an X chromosome. (d) absence of a Y chromosome. 56. A particular allele can have different effects if it was inherited from a male rather than a female. This phenomenon is known as (a) extranuclear inheritance. (b) aneuploidy. (c) sex-linkage. (d) genome imprinting. 43 Practice Test Paper–Cell Biology 57.

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