Creationism's Trojan Horse: The Wedge of Intelligent Design by Barbara Forrest, Paul R. Gross

By Barbara Forrest, Paul R. Gross

Forrest and Gross disclose the medical failure, the non secular essence, and the political targets of "intelligent design" creationism. They research the movement's "Wedge Strategy," which has complicated and is succeeding via public kinfolk instead of via clinical learn. interpreting the content material and personality of "intelligent layout theory," they spotlight its probability to public schooling and to the separation of church and country.

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The Wedge Document: A Design for Design 33 This page intentionally left blank 3 Searching for the Science Materialistic thinking dominated Western culture during the 20th century in large part because of the authority of science. The Center for the Renewal of Science and Culture seeks, therefore, to challenge materialism on specifically scientific grounds. Yet Center fellows do more than critique theories that have materialistic implications. They have also pioneered alternative scientific theories and research methods that recognize the reality of design and the need for intelligent agency to explain it.

I would say it’s our No. 15 With formation of the CRSC, the Wedge’s core working group was in place: Stephen Meyer and John G. 16 Once the movement was securely housed within DI, execution of the Wedge strategy began to pick up speed. 17 The importance of this conference for the subsequent development of the Wedge cannot be overestimated. Indeed, in the foreword to the book issued from it, its importance was made explicit by Henry Schaefer, a Georgia chemist and a signer of the Ad Hoc Origins letter, who had defended Phillip Johnson against the destructive analysis in Scientific American of Darwin on Trial: “An unprecedented intellectual event occurred in Los Angeles on November 14–17, 1996.

1. A methodological naturalist defines science as the search for the best naturalistic theories. A theory would not be naturalistic if it left something (such as the existence of genetic information or consciousness) to be explained by a supernatural cause. Hence all events in evolution (before the evolution of intelligence) are assumed to be attributable to unintelligent causes. The question is not whether life (genetic information) arose by some combination of chance and chemical laws . . but merely how it did so.

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