Cosmology, Calendars, and Horizon-Based Astronomy in Ancient by Anne S. Dowd, Susan Milbrath

By Anne S. Dowd, Susan Milbrath

Cosmology, Calendars, and Horizon-Based Astronomy in old Mesoamerica is an interdisciplinary journey de strength that establishes the severe position astronomy performed within the non secular and civic lives of the traditional peoples of Mesoamerica. delivering notable examples of the way Precolumbian peoples merged principles concerning the cosmos with these pertaining to calendar and astronomy, the quantity showcases the worth of precise examinations of astronomical facts for figuring out historical cultures.

the quantity is split into 3 sections: investigations into Mesoamerican horizon-based astronomy, the cosmological rules expressed in Mesoamerican spiritual imagery and rituals on the topic of astronomy, and the features of Mesoamerican calendars with regards to archaeoastronomy. It additionally presents state of the art examine on different issues reminiscent of files of calendar and horizon-based astronomical statement (like the Dresden and Borgia codices), iconography of burial assemblages, architectural alignment reports, city making plans, and counting or measuring devices.

Contributors—who are one of the most precious of their fields— discover new dimensions in Mesoamerican timekeeping and skywatching within the Olmec, Maya, Teotihuacano, Zapotec, and Aztec cultures. it will likely be of serious curiosity to scholars and students of anthropology, archaeology, paintings background, and astronomy.

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Acknowledgments The editors would like to acknowledge Anthony F. Aveni’s long mentorship, which has helped both of our careers. Anne S. A. degree at Colgate University, where Tony Aveni was her undergraduate advisor in a topical Prehistory major. Susan Milbrath benefited from Aveni’s assistance beginning in 1979 when she received a Tinker Postdoctoral Fellowship at Yale University, working under the guidance of Tony and Michael D. Coe. In addition, Anne S. Dowd would like to thank Professor Emeritus Flora S.

Rice concludes that its uniqueness by no means discounts the possibility that it is authentic, for the accidents of preservation in an archaeological context have resulted in a number of unique objects. In chapter 12, entitled “Some Alternative Eclipse Periodicities in Maya Codices,” Victoria R. Bricker and Harvey M. Bricker explore a table of possible eclipse cycles based on multiples of the lunar synodic month. Of the twenty-five eclipse periodicities listed, only two appear in the Precolumbian Maya codices.

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