Communication Between Cultures by Larry A. Samovar, Richard E. Porter, Edwin R. McDaniel,

By Larry A. Samovar, Richard E. Porter, Edwin R. McDaniel, Carolyn Sexton Roy

Meant to be used because the middle textual content for the introductory intercultural communique taught at - and four-year faculties and universities in departments of Speech and conversation, Anthropology, schooling, Sociology, and Psychology.

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People greet you by shaking hands instead of b. Why do people differ in the manner in which hugging, and, without being aware of they communicate? it, you are receiving messages about c. Is communication a phenomenon that involves forms of address. At the far end of the continuum are a receiver or a sender or both? responses to messages that are received d. Can communication patterns be changed? unconsciously. That is, your body responds even if your cognitive processes are kept to a minimum. Messages that you receive can alter your hormonal secretions, your heart rate, or the temperature of your skin; modify pupil size; and trigger a host of other internal responses.

While definitions are necessary, they can also be troublesome. The word “communication” is a case in point. ”58 Since then, countless others have been added to their list. Isolating the commonalities of those definitions, and wishing to select one that is all-encompassing, we hold that communication is a dynamic process in which people attempt to share their internal states with other people through the use of symbols. Principles of Communication Because this is a book about communication and culture, it seems only fitting that we pause at this time and discuss some of the principles of communication.

We use symbols to create meanings. We ask others to be sounding boards so we can clarify our thinking, figure out what things mean, enlarge our perspectives, check our perceptions, and label feelings to give them reality. 60 Humans do not use symbols only for interaction; as we shall discuss later in this chapter, this same symbol-making ability enables culture to be passed on from generation to generation. Now, after millions of years of physical evolution and thousands of years of cultural evolution, people are able to generate, receive, store, and manipulate symbols.

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