Collected Works of Lars Onsager, the by Per Chr Hemmer, Helge Holden, Signe Kjelstrup Ratkje

By Per Chr Hemmer, Helge Holden, Signe Kjelstrup Ratkje

This quantity includes the amassed works of the chemist and physicist Lars Onsager, probably the most influential scientists within the twentieth century. It contains moreover a biography by way of H.C. Longuet-Higgins and M.E. Fisher, an autobiographical observation, chosen photos and an inventory of Onsager dialogue comments in print. Onsager's clinical achievements have been characterised via deep insights into the ordinary sciences. His best-known accomplishments are his reciprocal kin for irreversible procedures, for which he obtained the 1968 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, and his particular answer of the two-dimensional Ising version, a mathematical "tour de strength" that created a sensation whilst it seemed. moreover, he made major theoretical contributions to different fields, together with electrolytes, colloids, supercondctivity, turbulents, ice, electrons in metals, and dielectrics. during this quantity Onsager's contributions to the several clinical fields are evaluated by way of best specialists. The commentatrors are P.W. Anderson, R. Askey, A. Chorin, C. Domb, R.J. Donnelly, W. Ebeling, H.N.W. Lekkerkerker, P. Mazur, H. McKean, J.F. Nagle, T. Odijk, A.B. Pippard, G. Stell, G.H. Weiss and C.N. Yang.

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