Closure in Biblical Narrative by Susan Zeelander

By Susan Zeelander

There was a lot dialogue of narrative points of the Bible in recent times, however the ends of biblical narratives – how the ends give a contribution to closure for his or her tales and the way the finishing options have an effect on the entire narrative – haven't been studied comprehensively. This learn indicates how the writers and editors of brief narratives in Genesis gave their tales a feeling of closure (or in a number of situations, the feel of non-closure). a number of and occasionally unforeseen, sorts of closure are pointed out; jointly those shape a collection of closural conventions. This contribution to narrative poetics of the Hebrew Bible within the mild of resource feedback can also be invaluable to those that have an interest in narrative and in suggestions of closure.

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As with Propp’s functions, her ten always occur in a prescribed order, and only some of them may appear in any particular narrative. Before I present Kafalenos’ system, it is valuable to understand two additional elements of her system, for which she is indebted to Tzvetan Todorov. ” As his data source, Todorov used The Decameron by Boccaccio. In his studies of those separate but related stories, Todorov saw that each story began and ended in equilibrium, that is, in a relatively stable situation.

16 chapter one Chapter 4 brings together other linguistic elements, including hyperbole, absolute words, words that mark closure, and summary statements, and demonstrates how they contribute to closure. In Chapter 5, etiologies, proverbs, and the formulaic language and key words related to those forms are discussed. Chapter 6 demonstrates how ritual actions that end narratives contribute to closure for the participants within the narrative and for the reader. In Chapter 7 I discuss the issues of closure and anti-closure and their philosophical, psychological, experiential, and psycholinguistic components.

God states his promises for the future to Jacob and leaves, and Jacob enacts a ritual at that location. 28 Initially in a narrative an equilibrium is in place; then a causal action destabilizes the equilibrium and initiates the plot. There is a key transformation that ends the plot and a new equilibrium is in place. The new equilibrium reflects a new status quo that is stable but not static. The causal functions (those between the two equilibriums) are alphabetized. A, C, H, and I are the key functions; B, D, E, F, and G are the less common ones.

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