Clear Speech: Practical Speech Correction and Voice by Malcolm Morrison

By Malcolm Morrison

This ebook supplies transparent assistance to strong pronunciation and is written in an easily-accessible shape. many folks can determine and clear up their speech difficulties and considerably increase their voice through the use of attempted and confirmed workouts. The systematic association of the cloth with transparent illustrations makes it effortless for the layman to appreciate and paintings from successfully. This new version comprises extra routines in addition to an extended bankruptcy on vague Speech.

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The sound appears high, hard and thin. 33 Faulty Tone Correction 1. Exercises to establish relaxed controlled breathing. 2. Adjustment of the position of the head. The tinderside of the chin should not be visible. 3. Vowel sounds 'yawned' out slowly and smoothly. 4. Exercises for pitch range, particularly a fluent use of the notes in the middle and lower registers. 5. Exercises for the balanced use of the resonators. (See p. ) Nasal tone There are two kinds of nasality: 1. Excessive nasal resonance.

Exercises for the balanced use of the resonators (see p. 36). Positive Nasality: 1. 'Yawning' sounds. 2. Retain the yawning sensation while speaking the sounds: 00 OH AW AH AY EE 3. Precede each of the vowels with M N or NG feeling the arching of the soft palate, into the yawning feeling, on the vowels. 4. Speak the following, ensuring that there is no change in the quality of the vowel: 34 Faulty Tone BOO BOH BAW BAH BAY BEE MOO MOH MAW MAH MAY MEE DOO DOH DAW DAH DAY DEE NOO NOH NAW NAH NAY NEE GOO GOH GAW GAH GAY GEE NGOO NGOH NGAW NGAH NGAY NGEE Negative Nasality: 1.

11. Using the ribs and the diaphragm. Breathe in on the ribs and keep them expanded. Breathe in on the diaphragm and say 'January'. Follow this with further breaths on the diaphragm before saying each of the months of the year. The reserve of air in the ribs should be retained until the last diaphragmatic breath has been used on speaking 'December'. The exercise should then be completed by speaking all the months of the year using the air retained by the ribs. 12. Lie on the ground and place a book on the stomach, just below the sternum, or breast bone.

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