Clean Energy Systems and Experiences by E. Eguchi

By E. Eguchi

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1) A dual-input DC-DC converter using clean energy power supplies Input voltage Vin2 Mode-1 Mode-2 Mode-3 2Vtag ≤ Vin2 3 Vtag 2Vtag ≤ Vin2 < 3 3 Vtag Vin2 < 3 23 Conversion ration Block-1 Block-2 1 × 1× 2 1× 3 × 2 1× 0× Table 2. Setting of conversion ratio Mode-1 Mode-2 Mode-3 Phase Charging (State − T1) Transfer (State − T2) Charging (State − T1) Transfer (State − T2) Charging (State − T1) Transfer (State − T2) On S1 , S2 , S3 , S4 S5 , S6 , S7 , S8 S1 , S2 , S3 , S4 S2 , S6 , S7 S1 , S2 , S3 S7 , S8 , S9 , S10 Off S5 , S6 , S7 , S8 , S9 , S10 S1 , S2 , S3 , S4 , S9 , S10 S5 , S6 , S7 , S8 , S9 , S10 S1 , S3 , S4 , S5 , S8 , S9 , S10 S4 , S5 , S6 , S7 , S8 , S9 , S10 S1 , S2 , S3 , S4 , S5 , S6 Table 3.

IEEE, J. 8): 1944-1953. ISSN 0018-9200 Ishikawa, Y. & Saito, T. (2007). Synchronization and chaos in multiple-input parallel DC-DC converters with WTA switching. 6): 1162-1169. ; Banerjee, S. & Saito, T. (2007). Analysis of current mode controlled DC-DC converters through piecewise linear models. 2): 448-456. ISSN 1745-1337 Min, K. & Ahn, J. (2002). CMOS charge pumps using cross-coupled charge transfer switches with improved voltage pumping gain and low gate-oxide stress for low-voltage memory circuits.

3 GW. The GSHPs account for approximately 54% of this capacity almost all of it in the North America and Europe (Rawlings, 1999). 5% Kyoto obligation to be achieved by 2012. The GSHPs offer a significant potential for carbon reduction and it is therefore expected that the market for these systems will rise sharply in the UK in the immediate years ahead given to low capacity base at present. There are numerous ways of harnessing low-grade heat from the ground for use as a heat pump source or air conditioning sink.

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