Clanbook: Salubri (Vampire: The Dark Ages) by Cynthia Summers

By Cynthia Summers

The secrets and techniques of the reclusive Salubri are printed. What secrets and techniques do they convey that permit them even the wish of survival? and why do the opposite clans shy away from their plight? Clanbook: Salubri contains: new Valeren powers, advantages and Flaws and extra; the background of the Baali Wars; the secrets and techniques saved hidden via Saulot himself!

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These snakey tresses are, of course, venomous and a character wounded by one must roll less than or equal to his Strength on 3d6 or die. Merely catching the glance of a Gorgon is perilous, as this will subject the character to a hex with a MAGICAL ATTACK of 19. If the attack is successful, the character is turned to stone. Thus, it is best to avert one's eyes (cf Basilisks) or use a mirror when fighting a Gorgon. If a Gorgon sees its own visage in a mirror, it is itself subject to the petrifying attack.

It will then try to squeeze him to 107 death, continuing to attack by biting while doing so. On the first 'hit' scored by the Python, the victim rolls to see if he manages to keep his sword arm free of the enfolding coils; this roll requires a score of less than or equal to the victim's Reflexes on 1d20, and if he fails then he is unable to attack or defend. A trapped victim loses 1d3 Health Points (armour, if any, makes no difference) and will survive for 2d6 Combat Rounds. If not freed by then, he dies of asphixiation - the snake constricts his chest so that he cannot draw breath.

Two points must be clarified — Movement The first number listed is the normal distance the creature will cover when walking (or loping, lumbering, oozing or slithering along). The second number, in brackets, is the maximum move distance - ie, when running, galloping, etc. Move distances in the air or underwater are given where applicable. All move distances are in metres per Combat Round. 73 Rank-equivalent Most creatures are of fixed ability, and cannot develop their fighting skills as an adventurer can.

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