Cicero: Speech on Behalf of Publius Sestius (Clarendon by Robert A. Kaster

By Robert A. Kaster

This quantity includes a new translation of, and observation on, Cicero's safeguard of Publius Sestius opposed to a cost of public violence. seasoned Sestio is arguably an important of Cicero's political speeches that continue to exist from the approximately 20 years setting apart the Speeches opposed to Catiline and the second one Philippic. Its account of modern background presents any pupil of Rome with a desirable manner into the interval; its depiction of public conferences, demonstrations, and violence are hugely pertinent to the present debate at the position of "the crowd in Rome within the past due Republic"; the speech is additionally the most effective introductions we need to conventional Republican values and ethics in motion.

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1) is comparable to the interval attested for Gabinius’ trial for treason (maiestas) in 54 (TLRR no. ). 18 Introduction for proceeding as he did. 40 Sestius was charged under a law governing acts of ‘public violence’ (lex Plautia de vi). Such legislation came fairly late to Roman public law. The Wrst attested prosecution under the lex Plautia, that of Catiline, dates to 63 (Sall. Cat. 31. 4). The law itself probably dates to 70, and in any case succeeded and extended the law of 78 passed by the consul Quintus Lutatius Catulus (lex Lutatia) in response to the insurrection of his colleague, Marcus Aemilius Lepidus.

As the same letter shows, Sestius was also charged on the same day with ambitus, or electoral corruption, obviously in connection with his candidacy for the tribunate in 58 (¼ TLRR no. 270): if the trial went forward at all, Sestius must have been acquitted, for the penalties included expulsion from the senate and banishment for ten years (cf. ), neither of which Sestius suVered. That the accuser in one case was a member of the gens Tullia, the relevant law in the other Cicero’s own lex Tullia de ambitu, suggests that the knife was being twisted as it was inserted.

2. 4(8). 1, where he is called ‘our friend’ (Paullus noster). 53 On the procedure, which perhaps grew out of Vatinius’ allegation of ‘collusive prosecution’ (n. 43 above), see esp. Alexander 2002, 209–12; for the speech see the still-important commentary by Pocock (1926). 54 For the rhetorical doctrine on the parts of a forensic speech see Lausberg 1998, §§263–442. The term ‘forensic’ (

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