Chinese New Year (On My Own Holidays) by Judith Jango-Cohen

By Judith Jango-Cohen

Chinese language New 12 months

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Lions and Lanterns When people wake up on New Year’s Day, they are careful about how they behave. Some believe that whatever happens on this day will keep happening all year long. People try to be patient. They do favors for each other. They do not say words like sick and sad. The new year has to start off just right. 35 New Year’s Day is spent visiting relatives and friends. It is a time for favorite foods and family fun. Families exchange presents like peach blossoms and pussy willows. They also give gifts of candy, fruit, and rice cakes.

Some family members are missing because they have died. These relatives are remembered in a different way. The family sets up an altar for them. The altar may display spring couplets, candles, f lowers, and pictures of the relatives. Families offer food to the spirits of the relatives. This food is later eaten by the family. Bowls of oranges and red apples are also set out. The red is for happiness. Oranges are a symbol of wealth and good fortune. 29 After the meal, everyone nibbles on candies and fruit.

Incense is often burned during ceremonies. Jade Emperor: the highest of all gods in the Taoist religion, one of the main religions in China Kitchen God: the god in the Taoist religion who lives all year with each family. Also called the God of the Hearth.

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