Cereal biotechnology by Peter C. Morris, James H. Bryce

By Peter C. Morris, James H. Bryce

(Woodhead Publishing restricted) Discusses genetic amendment in cereal biotechnology, explaining the foundation for present rules and techniques for assessing hazards. additionally addresses particular functions for cereal biotechnology from using molecular organic instruments cereal construction tools.

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The vir genes were co-delivered into maize cells by bombardment with a target plasmid containing T-DNA border sequences flanking the gene of interest. Vir gene products in planta caused strand-specific nicking at the right T-DNA border sequence, similar to virD1/virD2 catalysed Tstrand excision which normally occurs in Agrobacterium. Some inserts in transformed cells exhibited right border T-DNA junctions with plant DNA that corresponded precisely to the sequence expected for normal Agrobacterium TDNA insertion events into the genome of dicotyledonous plant cells.

Since initial reports of this technology15,16 the equipment has been improved to exploit electrical discharge17 or helium pressure18 for more controlled and consistent particle acceleration. 20 initially applied this procedure to rice to introduce DNA into immature embryos of indica and japonica cultivars. Currently, this technology is in routine use for cereal transformation in several laboratories world-wide, utilising toti-potent cells as targets for transformation. 14 and Armstrong13 respectively.

Breeding Science, 1994 44 157–60. 16. FUNATSUKI, H, KURODA, H, KIHARA, M, LAZZERI, P A, MU¨ LLER, E, LO¨ RZ, H and KISHINAMI, I, Fertile transgenic barley generated by direct DNA transfer to protoplasts. Theoretical and Applied Genetics, 1995 91 707–12. 17. ) by electroporation of protoplasts. Plant Cell Reports, 1995 15 301–4. 18. NOBRE, J, DAVEY, M R and LAZZERI P A, Barley scutellum protoplasts: Isolation, culture and plant regeneration. Physiologia Plantarum, 1996 98(4) 868–74. 19. ) protoplasts.

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