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Get the advisor that will get effects! This CEOE OSAT complex arithmetic research consultant from XAMonline offers an summary of the middle talents and talents assessed at the  certification examination for the sub-areas of challenge fixing and Reasoning: Mathematical platforms and quantity concept; Algebra, features and Analytic Geometry; Geometry and dimension; Trigonometry and Calculus; and likelihood, statistics, and Discrete arithmetic. flip your wisdom into perform with eighty multiple-choice try questions and accomplished solution rationales.

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8 + ( 3) 1 + ( 6)  Simplify.  = −  7+5  4 ( 1) +   − 5 7    12 3  − Practice problems: 1. 8  5 1  3 + 3 6 − ADVANCED MATHEMATICS 8 2. = −  2 44 7  3  3 −    4 12  −  6  0 −5  −5    4 −  1 = −  5 TEACHER CERTIFICATION STUDY GUIDE Scalar multiplication is the product of the scalar (the outside number) and each element inside the matrix. Sample problem: 4 A= 3 0 −  1 4 2A = 2  3 0 −  1 Given: Find 2A. 2× 4 2× 0   −   2 × 3 2 × 1 Multiply each element in the matrix by the scalar.

C. 00. Shears and Roadkill have the same jeans 30% off their regular price of $40. Find the cheaper price. C Nickels is actually lower. Integral Exponents Coefficients are the numbers in front of the variables in a term. Addition/Subtraction with integral exponents. -Like terms have the same variables raised to the same powers. Like terms can be combined by adding or subtracting their coefficients and by keeping the variables and their exponents the same. Unlike terms cannot be combined. 5 x 4 + 3 x 4 − 2x 4 = 6x 4 3ab 2 + 5ab + ab 2 = 4ab 2 + 5ab ADVANCED MATHEMATICS 22 TEACHER CERTIFICATION STUDY GUIDE Multiplication with integral exponents.

60a8 b 7c 6d 5e 12 = − − − 12a 2b3c 9d 5e 4 − − − (6 x y )(= 2x y ) 9 3 5 1 − − − − 12 x y = 4 2 Practice: − 1. (4 x 4 y 2 )( − 3 xy 3 z 5 ) 2. (100a 6 + 60a 4 − 28a 2b3 ) ÷ (4a 2 ) 3. (3 x 5 y 2 )4 + 8 x 9 y 6 + 19 x 20 y 8 ADVANCED MATHEMATICS 23 − 5a10 b 10c 3e 8 = − 12y 2 x4 − 5a10c 3 b10e8 TEACHER CERTIFICATION STUDY GUIDE Rational Exponents When an expression has a rational exponent, it can be rewritten using a radical sign. The denominator of the rational exponent becomes the index number on the front of the radical sign.

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