Catholic Teaching Brothers: Their Life in the by T. O'Donoghue

By T. O'Donoghue

O'Donoghue's publication, that is written as a conventional historic narrative, whereas additionally using a comparative procedure, is worried with the lifetime of Catholic non secular instructing brothers around the English-speaking global, in particular for the interval 1891 to 1965, which used to be the heyday of the non secular orders.

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There are also fascinating accounts to be related like that of two Irish Christian Brothers who were invited to India by Dr. , Vicar Apostolic of Bengal, in 1848, to establish a school and orphanage for poor boys and who ended up forming a distinct order called the Calcutta Brothers. 96 And then there are the untold stories of small indigenous religious orders like the Brothers of St. 98 Rather than elaborate on the fortunes of these and a wide range of other orders, however, the next chapter focuses on how brothers, including teaching brothers, were constructed by the church as being different both from the lay people and from the fellow religious.

87 This approach, so common at the present time that consideration of the possibility that other approaches might be undertaken rarely arise, was innovative when introduced by the De La Salle Order, since the practice in schools in France at the time was largely to teach reading by using Latin texts. ” This contrasted with “the common approach,” which was that of one-on-one instruction within the groups of students allocated to individual teachers. The Catholic Encyclopaedia elaborated as follows: In the common schools the individual method was adhered to.

61 The same can be concluded regarding Australia, where Irish Catholics have been influential throughout public life for over 200 years. A British penal colony was established in the late 1780s, and eventually six colonies emerged, with the government and administration of each being centralized in the capital cities. However, while the colonies were very strongly British and Protestant, both socially and culturally, they also had a significant Irish-Catholic minority. The general pattern by 1850 regarding educational provision was a mixture THE CHURCH AND ITS TEACHING ORDERS 27 of government enterprise, occasional voluntary effort, and state aid to denominational schools.

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