Catalysis and Adsorption by Zeolites by Germany) Zeocat 9 (1990 Leipzig, Harry Pfeifer, Gerhard

By Germany) Zeocat 9 (1990 Leipzig, Harry Pfeifer, Gerhard Ohlmann

The complaints of ZEOCAT ninety mirror the wide-ranging features of the swiftly increasing box of zeolite technological know-how and know-how. The invited plenary lectures given via eminent zeolite scientists summarize present wisdom and tackle topical components of zeolite examine, together with a contribution at the use of zeolites as membranes. the sector of investigations defined within the submitted articles during this quantity covers a large sector of difficulties starting from the effect of the synthesis approach at the houses to questions of acidity, adsorption, diffusion, and catalysis. Of distinct curiosity are the newly constructed purposes of zeolites within the synthesis of good chemical compounds, using zeolites for sensors and stable electrolytes, and the delicate zeolite-based separation strategies.

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The discovery of the existence of super-large pore molecular sieves might be a landmark in zeolite catalysis. Such materials are of great interest for the catalytic conversion of feedstocks containing large molecules as, e. , petroleum residues. AIPO,s, however, possess very little o r n o acidity. As soon as silicoalumophosphates or zeolitic :ilumosilicates with super-large pores can be synthesized this will have a tremendous impact o n catalysis. Another material, named MCM-9 [64,65a], does contain Si-VPI-5 but it is apparently not a pure phase.

Pnz = 40 bar After P. Gallerot el at.. Catal. Letters 2 169 11990) Fig. 6. Selective hydrogenation of cinnamaldehyde to cinnamyl alcohol on platinum clusters encapsulated in zeolite Y after [ 1151. The results summarized in Fig. 6 show that hydrogenation on platinum in Zeolite Y gave much better selectivities for cinnamyl alcohol than on a non-zeolitic reference catalyst like platinum on charcoal. This was interpreted by a special shape selectivity effect: Inside the faujasite pores, the cinnamaldehyde molecule can adsorb on the platinum clusters, sitting in the supercages, only in an end-on mode, i.

On acid zeolites, e. g. HZSM-5, 2,s-dimethylfuran is formed almost exclusively at medium conversions; base catalysis, on the other hand leads to 3-methylcyclopentenone, again in a very high selectivity a t conversions above 50 %. A broader application of this test reaction could be very helpful in future research on base catalysis in zeolites. Engineering aspects: Coupling of exothermic and endothermic reactions Lower alkenes, i. , mainly ethene and propene along with some butenes, are currently produced on an industrial scale by steam cracking of petroleum or natural gas derived hydrocarbon fractions, such as light naphtha.

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