Brief Sketch of Zoroastrian Religion and Customs: Essay by Ervad Sheriarji Dadabhai Bharucha

By Ervad Sheriarji Dadabhai Bharucha

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In the meantime, as this is dangerous and cannot be con­ trolled, attemps are made in various ways to impede this; for example the sun cult is performed with a pole, carved with the anaconda pattern and painted red, it being explained that both the anaconda and the red colour will frighten away the uninvited kakenau. Altogether, the red colour with which all Waiwai always cover their whole body is said to have precisely this purpose. In addition, a bristly palm leaf rosette can often be seen tied around tree trunks at head height by the edge of the village clearing and close to the tracks; this is also though to keep away kakenau-kworokjam.

It must be the Kamara-yenna's. " But as everything looked peaceful she went up to a house. " The woman then changed herself into a proper wayam and the chacha placed a big clay vessel over her to hide her. But in the umana (working house) of the Jaguar people, tethered to the centre upright, was a pet, a giant wayam. When it saw the other wayam it made an offensive smell. The Jaguar people returned home from the hunt. They came whistling hwi, hwi, hwi, hwi. Their bag was a pakria (small bush hog).

The danger from an animal kworokjam is particularly great at the moment of its death when its kworokjam is, so to say, liberated. At the same time it must be realized that for the Waiwai there is no distinction between an animal kworokjam and the dangerous ekatinho­ kworokjam previously referred to, manifested in the form of an animal. Consequently they greatly fear the opossum and its ekatinho-kworokjam ; this also in another way occupies an important place in the consciousness ofthe Waiwai, as one of the most important culture heroes.

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