Border Crossing: A Spiritual Journey by Katie Funk Wiebe

By Katie Funk Wiebe

During this publication, Katie Funk Wiebe speaks in truth, faithfully, and movingly of life's later border crossings and indicates that during the twilight time among evening and fading day a few of life's better sorrows but additionally better joys could be felt. She conveys her event so powerfully and authentically that it turns into common. somebody suffering throughout the discomfort and promise of crossing into one in all life's new phases will locate in those pages a kindred spirit.

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My work at the college where I had taught for twenty-four years was finished. The school showed appreciation for my past work by awarding me the professor emeritus title. Page 25 But I was now as free as a farm animal penned in a barn all winter, then loosed in spring in a pasture of several square miles. The feeling was both exhilarating and terrifying. The second message also rang clear. I might have retired, but society told me indirectly I should not think of myself as old or associate with the elderly, only with my own age group or those younger.

Learning new facts and new approaches to living was not a viable consideration. Amidst mail I received the year I was sixty-five was an invitation from a retirement center touting the many advantages of living there to enrich one's life. I found its message strangely unappealing as I read through this glossy four-color brochure. Then I figured it out. This retirement center said much about what it did to provide topnotch meals, housing, exercise, and entertainment. It said little about how it encouraged residents to keep their minds stimulated and growing and to see themselves still on a journey, not coasting.

A sound theology of aging will welcome older adults fully into the household of faith instead of directing them to the sidelines. That reorientation will require a major shift in the way we see and do church. My listening to older adults has showed me that they yearn for a clearly defined place and function that gives greater meaning to their lives. When you face the yield sign of aging, a reminder to older adults to allow a younger generation to move into the fast lane, it is important to keep affirming that life makes sense and has meaning even though death is closer and productivity lessened.

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