Book of Fire: William Tyndale, Thomas More and the Bloody by Brian Moynahan

By Brian Moynahan

The nice echoing words of the King James Bible that experience boomed throughout the English-speaking brain for four hundred years – a watch for an eye fixed . . . consume, drink and be merry . . . . dying, the place is thy sting? . . . guy shall now not stay by way of bread on my own – are mostly the paintings of a guy whose genius for phrases suits Shakespeare. yet William Tyndale, the younger Gloucestershire instruct who wrote them, paid for them together with his existence. He used to be persecuted, exiled and finally burned on the stake.

Book of fireside is the exciting, relocating tale of the fellow who first translated the note of God into the English vernacular. Tyndale did so in defiance of church and nation, hunted by means of the implacable enmity and the brokers of the sainted Thomas extra. He was once ultimately betrayed, yet via then his braveness and poetic intuition had supplied the spine of the only most vital paintings within the English language. The Tudor heretic had replaced the literary, spiritual and political panorama for ever.

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It was not. Alice and Thomas could not have married before 1505, it was later established, and their son William was found to have been alive fifteen years after the translator had been executed. The other candidate for our William’s birthplace is four or five miles to the west, in the village of Slimbridge, which lies in flat farmland close to a wild fowl sanctuary and the high banks of the Severn. Hurst Farm, a later plain brick-fronted house with flashings above the windows, is on a bend of the road beyond the high-steepled parish church of St John the Baptist.

By the ninth century, it had been translated into Persian and Arabic, and the brothers Cyril and Methodius had created the outline of the Cyrillic alphabet to render it into Slavonic. The earliest Old English translations to survive were made by Caedmon, a seventh-century monk at Whitby and a former cowherd who had felt a divine urge to learn to read and write. ‘He sang of the world’s creation, the origins of the human race, and all the story of Genesis,’ the scholar and theologian the Venerable Bede wrote of Caedmon; ‘he sang of Israel’s exodus from Egypt and entry into the Promised Land …’ An Anglo-Saxon translation of the gospels made from the Vetus Italica, the pre-Vulgate Latin Bible, was said to be the work of Bede himself.

Freedom from taxation and a reward of 1000 marks was offered to the city or borough that discovered him. Judges, justices of the peace and sheriffs were required to take an oath to put down ‘heresies and errors commonly called Lollardies’. The possession of any biblical manuscript in English was taken as evidence of Lollardy. Oldcastle survived in hiding for more than three years. He was captured in Wales at the end of 1417 and taken to London. He was convicted of heresy and treasonable conspiracy to kill the king and the bishops.

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