Blood of the Prodigal by P. L. Gaus

By P. L. Gaus

Book 1 of the Amish-Country Mysteries

"For greater than a decade, P. L. Gaus has been writing quietly spellbinding mysteries about... the conservative previous Order Amish of Holmes County, Ohio."—Marilyn Stasio, New York Times

within the wooded Amish hill nation, a professor at a small collage, a neighborhood pastor, and the county sheriff are the one ones one of the mainstream, or "English," who own the instincts and abilities to paintings the circumstances that influence all county citizens, regardless of their code of behavior or non secular creed.

while an Amish boy is abducted, a bishop, nervous for the security of his fans, plunges 3 outsiders into the typically closed society of the "Plain Ones."

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Someone had revealed that Jonah Miller had run with several friends—accomplices, he called them—from Sugarcreek. A visiting neighbor had confirmed it with a hesitant nod. And so Troyer and Branden had made their way through the morning. The wheel shop in Moreland. A harness shop south of Fredericksburg. Troyer’s bakery in Charm. A cheese factory in Sugarcreek. Well-shaded businesses with low ceilings and oil lamps, or white-glowing silk mantles hanging from ceiling fix- 52 BLOOD OF THE PRODIGAL tures.

For some reason,” Branden said, “the bishop is afraid to force the return of his grandson. ” “I don’t get it,” Caroline said. ” “His restrictions, for now, are quite specific,” Branden said. “We can look for the boy diligently, but we are not to make it appear that Miller is seeking to force the return of his grandson. He was very clear on this. Said something like, ‘For now, Professor, we must be very cautious. ” Caroline asked. “I don’t know, exactly,” Branden said. “Maybe he just wants to make sure that the boy will be safe until harvest.

He hauled himself upright, cursing, and stepped to the workbench. He took a clean towel from a drawer and began patting it on his black and greasy knuckles, where blood and pink skin showed through the grime. Hostettler wrapped his hand in the towel and spoke in an angry tone. “The Millers have been nothing but trouble to me since my sister took up with Jonah. I hate them, and I don’t mind telling you so. First, they as much as killed my sister, and then they took the boy. I’ve got nobody left now, Professor.

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