Biblical Creationism: What Each Book of the Bible Teaches by Henry M. Morris

By Henry M. Morris

Critics of the doctrine of construction usually try to marginalize the nice truths of God's inventive acts. the truth, besides the fact that, is that construction is pointed out in all the Bible's sixty six books. this is often one of many nice missed truths of the fashionable Church. faraway from being a trivial factor, or one who might be interpreted many various methods, God's checklist of construction monitors a fabulous and transparent consistency all through. From the symphony of the production week in Genesis, to the promise of a brand new heaven and a brand new earth in Revelation, the Bible speaks of a up to date, six-day construction of the universe. A revered student, the past due Dr. Henry M. Morris spent over six many years learning God's observe, and his commentaries enriched the religion of many. during this notable booklet, Dr. Morris examines either the recognized production account in Genesis, in addition to lesser-known references, similar to Ezra and Colossians. Biblical Creationism is a devastating reaction to the Bible's critics. Henry Morris, Ph.D. , (deceased) earned the identify, "The Father of contemporary Creationism," via along with his a number of writings concerning the creation/evolution debate. He used to be a revered scientist and wrote, textbook writer and the founding father of the Institute for construction study in California.

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Up to this point, there had been no mention in the earlier records of the demonic spirits, or fallen angels, who had joined Satan in his rebellion against God. Not even Satan himself had been mentioned, although he had used the serpent’s body to bring about the Fall of Adam and Eve. ” Their behavior was not godly, however, as they began to take possession of the bodies of the rebellious The Lost World 31 men of that period (just as their master, Satan, had been able to use the body of the serpent back in Eden to tempt Eve) and then to tempt the beautiful (but ungodly) “daughters of men” into godless unions.

3:17). But it also referred to the Flood, for He then said, “Neither will I again smite any more every thing living, as I have done” (Gen. 8:21). The original Curse had seemed to be greatly increased in rate and intensity during the Flood, but this would not happen again. “While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease” (Gen. 8:22). That is, even though the decay principle (climaxed by death) was still operational, it would never be intensified again as it had been during the Flood, when everything in the dry land had died.

10:21). After first listing the sons of Mizraim and Canaan, Shem then summarized Ham’s descendants thus: “These are the sons of Ham, after their families, after their tongues, in their countries, and in their nations” (Gen. 10:20). Note again the emphasis on families, tongues, countries (same word as “lands”), and nations. Then Shem proceeded to list his own descendants. Elam eventually became Persia, Asshur became Assyria, Lud became Lydia, and Aram became Syria. Most important, however, was Arphaxad, the grandfather of Eber (from whose name came the term “Hebrew”) and great grandfather of Peleg, from whom would eventually come Abraham and the chosen nation.

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