Ayurveda: a life of balance by Maya Tiwari

By Maya Tiwari

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The fourth dome is the arches of your feet. Now that you know where all these domes are located, try this exercise: 1. Stand with your feet in parallel position. 2. Imagine bringing the four domes to suspend over each other. 3. Inhale, then exhale, lifting the arch dome of the foot; the pelvic floor dome; the diaphragm dome; and the roof dome. Feel how your spine lengthens and the muscles of your legs activate when these domes lift up. Now try this exercise while bending and straightening the legs.

As I walk on the streets in New York, I can see my posture in the shop windows. Visual cues are a tool for body change. Are you aware when you are sitting with your legs crossed and your spine slumped for thirty minutes? Unless a trainer reminds you to change your position or realign your spine, you need to be constantly on task. To develop a smart body, awareness is key. Use the mirror as an awareness tool. Try to suspend judgment about your thighs or chest, or whatever. Start at the feet. Are you concentrating your weight on the inside of your feet or the outside?

Exhale for six counts while you lift up your abdominals, breathing into the back of your ribs. 9. Repeat steps 7 and 8 five times (fifty counts total). Keep the standing leg and torso active and energy out through the front leg. Your weight is distributed from your feet to the top of your head with your torso “centered” over the supporting leg. 10. Inhale to return to the Standing Foundation. Refocus your eyes in the mirror. 11. Repeat on the left leg. 52 T H E S TA N D I N G E X E R C I S E S Level II Adds a leg lift and an arm beat.

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