Asclepius: The Perfect Discourse of Hermes Trismegistus by Clement Salaman

By Clement Salaman

"The Asclepius" is one in all philosophical books ascribed to the mythical sage of old Egypt, Hermes Trismegistus, who was once believed in classical and renaissance occasions to have lived almost immediately after Moses. The Greek unique, misplaced in view that classical instances, is assumed to this point from the second or third century advert. despite the fact that, a Latin model survived, of which this quantity is a translation. Like its better half, the "Corpus Hermeticum" (also released through Duckworth as "The means of Hermes"), the "Asclepius" describes the main profound philosophical questions within the kind of a talk approximately secrets and techniques: the character of the single, the function of the gods, and the stature of the person. not just does this paintings supply religious information, however it can also be a useful perception into the minds and feelings of the Egyptians in old and classical instances. the various perspectives expressed additionally replicate Gnostic ideals which handed into early Christianity.

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See Translator’s Note on pp. 51-2. 56 Translation Associations [5] ‘However, the individual forms of all classes are mixed with all other classes; some of these were created early on; others were created from those which were made previously. Those which are created by gods, by daemons or by humans are the forms which bear the greatest similarity to their archetypes. It is impossible for bodies to be fashioned without the assent of the gods, or for individual forms to receive their shapes without the help of daemons, nor can beings without a soul be planted and cultivated without human beings.

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52 Translation Teacher and disciples [1] ‘It is God, yes, God, who has led you to me, O Asclepius, so that you can take part in a divine discourse. This discourse will be such that through its love and reverence for God it will rightly seem to have more divine power than any I have previously spoken, or rather than any that have been inspired in me by the divine spirit. If you show yourself able to understand it your whole mind will be completely filled with all that is good, that is if there are many good things and not one only in which all are held.

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