Artemidorus’ Oneirocritica: Text, Translation, and by Daniel E. Harris-McCoy

By Daniel E. Harris-McCoy

In historic Greece and Rome, goals have been believed via many to supply perception into destiny occasions. Artemidorus' Oneirocritica, a treatise on dream-divination and compendium of dream-interpretations written in historical Greek within the mid-second to early-third centuries advert, is the one surviving textual content from antiquity that instructs its readers within the artwork of utilizing goals to foretell the long run. In it, Artemidorus discusses the character of desires and the way to interpret them, and gives an encyclopaedic catalogue of interpretations of goals when it comes to the common, human, and divine worlds.

In this quantity, Harris-McCoy bargains a revised Greek textual content of the Oneirocritica with dealing with English translation, a close advent, and scholarly observation. looking to show the richness and intelligence of this understudied textual content, he offers specific emphasis to the Oneirocritica's composition and building, and its aesthetic, highbrow, and political foundations and context.

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