An Index to Aquila: Greek-Hebrew, Hebrew-Greek, by Joseph Reider, Nigel Turner

By Joseph Reider, Nigel Turner

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Xxx 25 (Eus. rightly ; Procop. άποκτάμενος) Aqu. is fond of such formations : Reider, Pro/eg. pp. 101 if. άποκτείνειν ΠΠ Exod. ii 14 bis Num. xxii 29 Regn. II iii 30 Os. ix 13 (s. άναίρειν) Is. xxvii 1 α'σ' Thr. ii 20 syr. ; ptc. neut. F}7} Is. ] vide άποκταμμός. άπολακτίζειν D M Deut. xxxii 15 Regn. I ii 29 άλλος. άπόλαυσις Q^ttWt? Ps. cxviii (cxix) 143 Is. ν 7. 28 A N I N D E X TO AQUILA * άπόληγμα O^lttf Exod. xxviii 33. άπολλύεσθαι med. 13$ Deut. xxvi 5 Ps. xxx (xxxi) 13 xxxvi (xxxvii) 20 α'σ' xlviii (xlix) 11 α'ε' xci (xcii) 10 ci (cii) 27 cxlv (cxlvi) 4 α'σ' lob xxix 13 ·χ· α'θ' xxx2 α'σ' Ier.

Ix 10 Ier. xxxix (xxxii) 34 syr. Da. ix 27 α'σ' (88). βδέλυγμα rnsnfi Exod. viii 26 (22) α'σ'θ' bis Ez. xvi 58 lat. {ignominia). βδελύσσειν, -ττειν pi. lob ix 31. βδελύσσειν nVT\ pi. Is. xlix 7 arm. βεβαιότης Dtfp Ps. lix (lx) 6 ; ΠϊΊ»£ Ps. cxlii (cxliii) 1. βέβηλος neut. nV^n Regn. I xx 2 xxii 15 ; bh Ez. xlviii 15. n pi. Exod. xx 25 α'σ'θ' Deut. xx 6 Ps. lxxxviii (lxxxix) 32 α'σ'ε' 35 id. 40 id. Is. xlvii 6 α'σ'θ' lvi 2. Π hoph. Is. n niph. Ez. xx 9 ; pass. ptc. Ru. i 12 (leg. Tfrbri pro nV^H) Vide sub λαϊκουν.

Ps. xxxiv (xxxv) 13 α'σ' lxxvi (lxxvii) 11 ; Pr. xviii 14 α'θ' ; plur. D^Vn© Ps. cii (ciii) 3. Π Regn. I l l xiv 5 Mai. i 13 α'σ' Ez. xxxiv 4 ο'α'θ' (86) θ' (Q) -χ, αρσειθ ΓΠΟΊΠ Ier. xix 2 α'σ'θ'. άρσην HDJ Gen. xxxiv 24. άρσις ΓΐΚφ Gen. xlix 3. 1 άρτος DO ? Exod. xxv 29 (30)xxix23 α'σ'θ' Lev. χ χ ί δ ο ι λ ' 1 7 o ^ ' I o s . i x 11 (5) α'σ'θ' Regn. I ii 36 χ 4 III xiv 3 xvii 6 bis α'σ'θ' IV iv 42 o'α'σ'ε' Ps. lxxvii (lxxviii) 25 α'σ'θ' cxxvi (cxxvii) 2 α'σ'θ' Pr. iv 27 xxviii 3 α'σ'θ' xxx 8 l o b iii 24 Abd.

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