An Archaeological Guide to Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula by Joyce Kelly

By Joyce Kelly

Publication by means of Kelly, Joyce

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The borders shown on the general map in this volume are those used on the 1: 1,000,000-scale topographic map published in Mexico in 1983 by the Secretaría de Programación y Presupuesto (SPP). These are the same borders used in the Atlas Arqueológico del Estado de Yucatán (1980) and on the National Geographic map (1989). All of these maps show the Yucatán-Cam-peche border to be south of the arch on Highway 261, and the location of the sites, given in the text, will follow these borders. To aid the reader in locating a particular site, an alphabetical list of sites is included at the front of the book, following the list of illustrations.

Classic period: to Chichén Itzá and nearby sites in the northeast, to Dzibilchaltún to the north, and Edzna to the southwest. During the Terminal Classic, the centers in the Puuc region developed trade relations with the people of the Gulf Coast of Campeche and Tabasco, as we know from the evidence of ceramics. These people are often called the Putun or Chontal Maya, but who they actually were is uncertain. There is also architectural evidence of influence from Oaxaca to the Puuc sites in the Terminal Classic, in the move to veneer masonry and mosaic decorations.

When you are likely to encounter this type of situation, such as going to Calakmul or the Rio Bec sites, it is mentioned in the text. A few of the dirt roads going to isolated sites are not shown on even the most detailed published maps. In these cases I have had to approximate the routes and have mentioned this in the text. Although the path of the road may be approximate in such cases, the distance is accurate. When you are traveling to isolated sites, you will invariably come across unmarked branch roads.

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