Advice to the Minister of Music: Get a Giant Hat Rack by Cheri Walters

By Cheri Walters

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Dence in overachieyers is really a thin veneer that is often brittle and easily shdtféfed. So many people struggle with a lot of emotional baggage. ” Over and over again I find that good, competent, talented singers in volunteer choirs have a much lower assessment of their musical abilities than I do. ‘"'“ . ~~ ~- — ~--—--—-"_"“W' vocal and sight-reading Sk1llS. Creating an Atmosphere of Acceptance Most of us are music ministers because we love music and have achieved some degree of ability either by singing or by Playing an instrument.

Although some singers come from other community churches, quite a few have no church affiliation at all. Bill, who sang on the Tree our first two Christmas seasons, 54 Get a Giant Hat Rack! told me recently that singing in the Tree choir had literally changed his life. ” At the same time a good friend of Bill’s gave his heart to the Lord and told Bill about the peace he felt. Bill didn’t join our church, but he did commit his life to the Lord and became deeply involved in a Bible-believing church.

One important factor in dealing with human beings—we resist change He s learned to give his people time to adjust to changes and to absorb his visions and attitudes You know people have made your vision theirs when they begin to say it themselves. Ask any member of Phoenix First Assembly of God what kind of church they belong to and they’ll tell you theirs is a soul-winning church. Why? Because their pastor, Tommy Barnett, has been preaching it in the pulpit, in Sunday school, in staff meetings, and in the boardroom since he came to that church.

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