A Study of the Interpretation of Noah and the Flood in by Lewis

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II, 18) it is Methuselah. 2 8 4 *) Cf. Gen. ADOC II. 3. 28 NOAH IN THE APOCRYPHA AND PSEUDEPIGRAPHA *'This one will comfort me for my trouble and all my work and for the ground which the Lord cursed" (Jub. 28). ) Noah married Emsara (also his second cousin) ) in the first year of the 5th week of the 25th jubilee (A, M. 1205); Shem was born in the third year of the 5th week; ) Ham in the fifth; while Japheth was born in the first year of the sixth week {Jub. 4:33). In the midst of the prediluvian wickedness, upon which generation God decreed that His spirit should not abide, ) Noah found grace before the Lord (Jub.

Enoch declared that Noah was pure and guiltless of reproach concerning the secrets; Noah's name was destined to be among the holy; he would be preserved. His righteous seed was destined for kingship and great honors; from it would proceed a fountain of righteous and holy men without number (I Enoch 65:1-12). Enoch showed Noah angels of punishment who were prepared to loose the powers of water beneath the earth; however, the Lord ordered them to hold the waters in check. Following this vision Noah departed from Enoch (I Enoch 66:1-3).

6-9. y a y e ot 3 44 THE FLOOD IN HELLENISTIC-JEWISH WRITERS descended into the bodies of men, to become more wicked than the generation of the flood. " ) Philo solves the problem of angels having sex by his suggestion that angels, for the purpose, were able to imitate the forms of men. ) This could not take place until after God's spirit had departed.

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