A Momentary Stay by William C. Clarke

By William C. Clarke

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Although agreeing with Auden that, generally speaking, poetry ‘makes nothing happen’, he has written papers on poetry as commentary on contemporary social and economic issues in the Pacific Islands.

I anticipate their tardiness, the unkempt lack of speed, noting the occasional bauble of progress. Arrangements stumble forward. In time you will be free to go, to go free. But that time waits a further day, a few more days. Days, difficult things. 22 A Momentary Stay On Listening to the Stock Market Report Every day I hear how the Dow is down, the Dow is up. It’s falling, rising, suffering a sustained correction following the forecast. This is not the Tao that cannot be named or known. The Dow the world watches tacks along a jagged course swerving between sentiment, voracity, and fear.

24 A Momentary Stay On a Hill Beside the Sea I never heard skylarks until on a hill beside the sea they flushed from tufts of brown-gold grass chirruping their flight song clear, trilling higher and higher becoming the voices of mermaids singing ringing from the sea falling suddenly into silence. Where land and sea converge surf advances and recedes, water sings a hissing song sliding down the sand. A Momentary Stay 25 ‘The Real Work’ — Gary Snyder, Turtle Island, 1974 Ruminant us reflections dark held on waking into thought How it continues so the same succumbing sliding back The flow still not attended to 26 A Momentary Stay Poem Oh spare me!

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