A Life Apart by Shirlee Evans

By Shirlee Evans

Gail's marriage is shaken whilst the daughter she gave up for adoption fifteen years in the past reenters her existence.

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The boys will be disappointed if they don't get to see them. " Setting the iron on its heel, Gail slapped both hands flat on the board top. "I don't want to buddy up to her so soon. What if instead of us introducing Mom to the Lord, she twists Grant and Jimmy around to her way of thinking? " Brad returned her gaze, not replying at once. Finally he said hesitantly, "I doubt there's much danger of that. She's not such a bad person since she stopped drinking. " Unplugging the iron, Gail placed it beside the stove top to cool.

It was only when her first pregnancy came up that he withdrew. Up to now it hadn't been much of a problem. But as Abigail Marie (the name she and the baby's adoptive parents had chosen together) neared fifteen, the old hurts and memories refused to depart. The next morning Brad left without breakfast, informing her he would eat downtown. There was no time to brood over it. She had the boys to get off to Page 19 school. There were notes to write so they could ride the bus back to Jenny's where they'd stay until she picked them up after work.

He demanded. "Talk! " Pushing the nearly empty plate away, he pulled his hand from hers, drained his glass of orange juice, then stood. " His blue-green eyes bored into Gail's. Taken off guard by the harshness of his voice, Gail could only stare. She had never seen him this angry. He was usually so calm. His body lost some rigidity as he glanced away, shaking his head. "I'm sorry. I'm tired from the long hours I've been putting in at the paper. " Unwilling to deepen his anger, Gail merely nodded.

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