A Dictionary of Hong Kong English: Words from the Fragrant by Patrick Cummings, Hans-Georg Wolf

By Patrick Cummings, Hans-Georg Wolf

The Dictionary of Hong Kong English is exclusive. It contains phrases and usages particular to English in Hong Kong and reflective of the city's heritage and tradition. Acronyms and abbreviations universal in Hong Kong, position identify adjustments, Hong Kong phrases now across the world recognized, and cultural conceptualizations are extra positive factors.

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Source language: Cantonese ( 腸 粉 ). Definition: a type of dim sum based on a flat, rice noodle roll. ” 28 ▸ cheongsam C cheong fun (photo by P. J. Cummings) cheongsam /tʃʌŋ sʌm/ n. Source language: Cantonese ( 長 衫 ). Definition: a traditional Chinese dress. ” Note: Once very formal, it is now found most often as a waitress’s uniform, school uniform and when a woman is dressing in a traditional manner for a special event. cheongsam (drawing by Adrian Cennydd Petyt) 29 Cheung Chau Bun Festival ▸ Cheung Chau Bun Festival C /tʃʌŋ tʃaʊ bʌn festivəl/ n.

See: A share. 16 ▸ Buddha’s Birthday bubble tea n. Definition: a sweetly-flavored tea beverage originally from Taiwan, containing tapioca balls. Text example: B “Saint’s Alp’s unique concoctions of East-West ‘tea-shakes’ have proven to be a hit among Hong Kong’s teenagers. ” See: pearl milk tea. Buddha’s Birthday n. Definition: statutory holiday on the eighth day of the fourth month of the Chinese lunar calendar. ” 17 cagehome cageman cagepeople candareen Canto Cantonese Canto-pop caput school carabao Castle Peak category I, IIA, IIB, III catty CBC celestial Celestial Empire/Kingdom Central Central and Western District century egg char chaan teng char siu chau chee-saw chek Chek Lap Kok cheong fun cheongsam Cheung Chau Bun Festival chick, chicken chicken-worm China doll Chinese Chinese parsley Chinese Valentine’s Day Chinglish Ching Ming Chippies (Chuppies) chit chit-fund choi sum C chop chop-boat chop-chop chop-house chopped dollar chop suey chow-chow chow fan chow mein Christian chuk kam Chung Yeung Festival circulating libraries civet cat Co-hong compensated dating comprador compradore account compradorship Confucius, Birthday of congee coolie copy crossed cheque cross-strait cumshaw B cagehome ▸ cagehome C fixed expression.

Source language: Mandarin ( 八 十 後 ). Definition: Hong Kong people born after 1980, especially with reference to political protests. Text Example: “Bashi hou Generation” (those born after 1980) became the latest local media buzzword this week. ” BBC idiomatic expression. Definition: British-born Chinese. See: ABC. Beida /beɪ da:/ n. Definition: Peking University. Source: Mandarin ( 北 大 ). ” big brother fixed expression. Definition: 1 a senior male in a triad; 2 a male schoolmate from a senior grade or an older alumnus.

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