A Commentary on Livy: books 1-5 by R.M. Ogilvie

By R.M. Ogilvie

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He Trjs ^vxrjs emp,eAeiais eTreoKorrjcrev r) he Trjs aperrjs KTrjois, ols dv aKifihrjAcos rat? /3\a^e T iXvuyvaro T6 Z. : a Hermogenes, Hepl fieOSdov deiv6rriTos, 25, refers to this introduction as an example of inoffensive self-laudation in the orators. b For Isocrates' insistence on right conduct as the end of education see Introduction, p. xxv. 6 TO DEMONICUS, 3-7 Now those who compose hortatory discourses addressed to their own friends are, no doubt, engaged in a laudable employment ; yet they do not occupy themselves with the most vital part of philosophy.

His classification is followed here. 6 We have only the introduction to the speech Against the Sophists, and the letters are most of them incomplete. 6 a To Demonicus and Against Euthynus are thought by some to be spurious. INTRODUCTION Six of his discourses are forensic speeches : Against the Aegineticus, Against Euthynus, the Trapeziticus, the Span of Horses, and the Callimachus Lochites, They were his earliest efforts, which in later life appears to disown as unworthy of him. To Demonicus, Three are " hortatory " : he To Nicocles or the Cyprians.

To read them side by side apart from their historical setting is to be impressed by their disharmony. The Panegyricus draws a noble picture of Athens as the mother of civilization and of free institutions, and rests on this her claim to take the lead in a campaign against the barbarians. 6 The Address to Philip calls upon the King of Macedon, an absolute ruler of an uncultivated race, whom Demosthenes denounced as a barbarian and an enemy of Greece, to undertake : what Isocrates now conceives that neither Athens nor any other Greek state can do to reconcile the quarrels of Greece and lead her against the common Furthermore, the Panegyricus is an appeal enemy.

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