50 People Who Stuffed Up Australia by Guy Rundle

By Guy Rundle

There is a necessity every now and then, to take inventory of the place we've got been and the place we're now, and sweetness where all of it went wrong ...

From Rinehart to Bob Brown, Abbott to the Rainbow Serpent ... our once-great land has had its fair proportion of nitwits. Come on a trawl via all of them, with man Rundle (and Dexter Rightwad), at the bin evening Australia needed to have.

Guy Rundle is a author, editor, manufacturer and journalist, inter alia. A common contributor to the Age, Sydney Morning bring in and all media – other than the 70 in keeping with cent owned through the Murdochs, at time of writing – he was once a co-editor of enviornment journal for a few years. at the level he wrote 4 exhibits for optimum Gillies: membership Republic, Your Dreaming...

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It was pusillanimous where it should have been resolute, bumptious when it should have been sly, wheedling where audacity would have been required. It got everything wrong. Having announced climate change as one of the key issues of our time, it tried to play both ends against the middle by sneaking in a carbon charge, using logic-chopping to suggest that it wasn’t a tax – instead they should have said proudly that it was a tax, damn right it was a tax, this was for our children’s future, and if that wasn’t worth paying for, what was?

His major achievement in that respect was undoubtedly his fancy footwork with the republic question, setting up a three-way contest that inevitably split the anti-monarchist forces. Howard’s neat work in this instance goes largely unremarked – by the Left because they were defeated, and by the monarchist Right because they want to pretend that Australians voted affirmatively for the monarchy. Howard defended the monarchy well; but then he is the epitome of what the Freudians call a ‘well-defended’ ego, a fortress undisturbed by the vagaries of the swirling waters of the personal and cultural unconscious.

John Howard will live forever in the public memory for the damning of such fellow human beings when, in the course of an election campaign, he licked his lips and said – of the falsely accused ‘children overboard’ refugees – that ‘I wouldn’t want people like that in this country’. Together with the photo of Gareth-Gareth Evans dancing with Ali Alatas on a plane over the Timor Sea as they shared out East Timor’s oil, the image forms a diptych of the era. Howard surfed the fear of that era and rode it into the (Migration Act-excluded) shore.

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