13 Mississippi Ghosts and Jeffrey by Kathryn Tucker Windham

By Kathryn Tucker Windham

Money owed of ghostly and non secular happenings at 13 destinations all through Mississippi.

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Dr. Rowan did. The house he built for his pigeons rivaled his own massive home, though on a smaller scale, of course. The cote was octagonal and several stories high with perches and galleries and other decorative touches. That pigeon house survived long after the Rowan house was torn away. Dr. Rowan was remarkable for his church work, too. For fifteen years, the Sunday School at the Wesson Baptist Church, where he served as superintendent, was the largest in the state with an enrollment of more than 400.

And, though they do not believe in witches, sometimes the people who find the scattered spots wonder about their origin and wonder who else has paused along the Trace to stare and speculate. Did De Soto see those small, parched clearings when he crossed the Trace in 1541? Or was the Spanish explorer so absorbed in his search for riches that he failed to notice the circles of bare earth? Page 43 The Indians, the Chickasaws and the Choctaws, who had followed this trail through the wilderness for five hundred years or more before De Soto's arrival surely knew about the witches' dances and the scars they left on the earth.

One of the victims Suddenly at the edge of the Trace, Hare saw a beautiful white horse. Page 51 begged to have his watch returned to him. It was a family heirloom, he said. Hare was moved by the man's family pride, and he agreed to return the timepiece. Hare held a lantern high so that the light would fall on the pile of stolen jewelry and he could select the watch the man prized so highly. The lantern illumined the watchand Hare's face. Two days later when Hare was in a fine tailoring shop in Baltimore trying to decide between a crimson silk coat and a bold plaid jacket, the owner of the watch appeared in the store, recognized Hare, and had him arrested.

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